How much weight can be lost in a week?

Answer Many doctors and fitness expects believe that losing 1 to 2 lbs. per week is ideal. Losing weight too fast can lead to unhealthy side effects, or even the weight coming right back. While it is poss... Read More »

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Holywaterretention!: What is the most weight you have lost in a week?

185 pounds in one day. I thanked the judge and payed the lawyers..........Sorry I could not resist.

Your due date is today you lost your mucus plug this morning and lost some more with blood a little bit ago you were 2 cm 50 last week will you go into labor soon?

AnswerNormally, loosing your m/p does indicate that changes are occurring in your cervix. It can also be due to sex. Some women loose theirs early due to several reason and their bodies "grow" anot... Read More »

Last Week I Tried To Insert A Banana Into My Vagina.. And I Lost It.. Will It Come Out?

Is this a magic trick?Are you going to pull it from behind my ear?: (

I lost my virginity a week ago. When will it stop burning?

Six hours is too long to leave a tampon in. You should change about every couple of hours. Use pads for the times when a tampon would be difficult to remove at the appropriate time because it's s... Read More »