How much weight can a deck hold up?

Answer Depending on the weight, size and the use of materials you want to use to build on it, a deck can usually hold anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds per square inch.Source:Trex

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How much weight can a bunk bed hold?

The weight limits of bunk beds vary by manufacture, and are also determined by the materials used and the intended age range of the user. Bunk beds for adults/college students may be rated at 350 l... Read More »

How much weight can drywall hold?

Drywall will easily support a 10 lb picture. Use 2 of the hooks to hold it and spread the load. Hope this helps.

How much weight can a plastic bag hold?

Plastic bags are designed to hold a great deal of weight, particularly plastic grocery bags. According to the website Gomestic, the average plastic grocery store bag can hold an average of 15 kg, o... Read More »

How much weight will 2,000 toothpicks hold?

In theory, 2,000 toothpicks could support up to 441 lbs. In practice, much depends on the angle of the cut and the type of wood used to make the toothpicks. The strength of the design would also fa... Read More »