How much weeks into the weightloss journey do you see physical results?

Answer Answerer @Alex is exactly right: the more you are overweight the quicker the results are.That's all I'm going to answer tonight, as I had spent ages on your previous question, yet you did *not* hav... Read More »

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Will you get accurate home pregnancy test results two weeks after sex?

AnswerI was told by planned parenthood that accurate results can be obtained 11 days after.AnswerFor a lot of tests, they are not accurate until 3 weeks after sex

Why do people prefer train journey the most than the bus journey?

Because railway journey is much comfortable and convenient than bus journey and much cheaper than air journey.

What story is of a boy who make a journey for a gift saying that the journey was part of the gift?

I am on clomiphene to fall pregnant. Period is 2 weeks late had cramping and a lot of creamy mucus 2 AHP tests 1 blood tests all negative Could clomphene affect the results could I still be pregnant?

Answer You have probably developed an ovarian cyst, which often happens with clomid. It can delay your period and cause painful cramping. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound.