How much weed stems should you have to make tea?

Answer The stems can be fairly fragrant but don't contain much THC. It would take quite a bit of them and even more work to produce something that would get you high.

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Are weed stems hollow?

First of all, lets define a "Weed". A Weed is ANY plant that is in an undesirable location, so a Rose in the middle of your lawn could be a weed, or grass in your Rose Garden could be a weed. You p... Read More »

Should I use fondant or gumpaste to make the 2 flowers/stems and large butterfly that are on top of this cake?

go with the gumpaste I don't believe the fondant will dry as hard plus they do use wire if you are making it stand up on its own.

$50 bag of weed how much grams should i get?

at least 3.5 grams should be worth 50 USD, I am talkin dank. I cant speak for Australia because I live in the US, but I would assume they would be similar, possibly more expensive (due to remotenes... Read More »

How much grams of weed should ipod4 get you?

You cray cray. Someone would shoot you if you tried to trade them an iPod for weed. So I'll just say now, R.I.P.