How much weed for brownies?

Answer First of all, I have no idea how much that bag weighs. Is it a gram? Two grams? Secondly, you DO know you have to infuse oil or butter to make brownies, right? Oil is the easiest to work with:~... Read More »

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What are weed brownies like?

1. They taste like chocolate with weed. It tastes like an herb and some people like it, some don't. 2. Usually about a half hour, however long it takes for your body to digest it.3. Depends on how ... Read More »

Making weed brownies?

None. Making weed brownies is illegal in most places. If it is legal, be sure to tell the people you're serving, because if you don't and they get high without their consent, it is considered assault.

Do weed brownies actually work?

OH-oh yeah they do. By blimey crew got me high as a Genoa sail. Made the brownies, ate the brownies, got real high.

Hiding the smell of weed brownies?

Burn a bicycle tyre, that will surely cover the smell.