Im 13 and i smoke wayy to much weed help?

Answer I'm not here to lecture you or anything but there's no way you can just all of a sudden stop, you can cut down on your habits but its tough, and it will require a lot of mental strength. It all sta... Read More »

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How do I go about telling my parents I smoke and smoke weed?

Just walk up to them and say:" Mom, Dad, I have made the decision to harm my body. I, despite knowing that it will most likely lead to my slow and painful death, have decided that I have grown up... Read More »

Do you smoke weed yes or no?

no i dont smoke it. but it should be legal, i mean it grows out of the ground, lettuce isnt ilegal... and that comes from the ground

Do you smoke weed /?

same as you mate, i did it for nearly fourteen yrs then just sort of woke up to it, i feel loads better for not being out my tiny mind each day! you dont realise how much it zaps you of your energy... Read More »

Do you smoke weed or not?