How much water to have?

Answer a good rule of thumb in determining how much water you need daily is dividing your body weight (lbs) by 2. This equals the number of ounces of water you need daily.

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How much water do we have to drink per day?

Enough so that when you pee, it's nearly clear or very pale yellow. The old "8 glasses a day" has largely been proven false, so just check the color of your pee and make sure you're drinking enough!

Can tomato plants have too much water?

Over-watered tomato plants are susceptible to disease. Gardeners are encouraged to water deeply once every couple of days rather than water lightly more often, and to water at ground level. Over-wa... Read More »

How much water should plants have in a week?

On One Hand: It DependsMany factors help determine how much water a given plant needs. The types of plants, the type of soil they're planted in, heat and wind, and rainfall totals all play a part i... Read More »

How much water would I have to drink to drown myself?

I'm not sure if you could drown yourself(well except if you drink enough for it to fill up your esophagus and you accidentally inhale a bunch), but if you drink too much water you can fall into a c... Read More »