How much water should one give a fruit tree?

Answer On One Hand: Grow Fruit to the Maturity You WantThe National Gardening Association's editors advise fruit tree growers to use enough water to grow the apples, apricots and citrus to the maturity th... Read More »

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How much should you water a magnolia tree?

Magnolia trees should be watered every day to keep them green and rich in nutrients, but they should only be given enough water to wet the roots and dampen the soil. Magnolia roots should not be si... Read More »

How much water should you give a bean plant?

Bean plants should be watered at least once a day. If the bean plants are especially dry, they should be watered twice a day. Despite needing water every day, beans plant do not need much water. On... Read More »

How much water should you give a house plant?

Not a lot, but it depends on which species of plant.

Fruit Tree Water Requirements?

What is true of all fruit trees, regardless of the type, is that they need a lot of water. Supplying your fruit trees with abundant water will ensure that they don't dry out and produce small, poor... Read More »