How much water passes through the hoover dam each year?

Answer A one-hour drive southeast of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam can allow from 52,360 to 299,200 gallons of water to pass through each day, with the excess flowing into one of two spillovers. This is an annual... Read More »

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How or where can you get backstage passes or meetngreet passes for the American idol concert on July 20th?

How I got my backstage passesThere is only one way that I know that will get you backstage to meet the Jonas Brothers. I know because I have used it twice already and got to meet the Jonas Brothers... Read More »

If someone passes out drunk, is it bad to shower them in cold water?

Throwing cold water on a passed out drunk really doesn't help. In fact, it could be harmful. The system shock could put them INTO shock or cause a heart attack in some cases. Best thing to do is... Read More »

How to Make a Good Impression After a Bad School Year Passes?

You too can be like JohnnyMaking a good impression after a bad school year has passed is always possible; it's a fresh start and you can easily turn on things around to your side.

How do you repair an ice maker on an Amana refrigerator if it is not receiving water after it passes through pipe in the back?

Answer Check the water solenoid valves. On our Kenmore the valves had begun to stick causing the ice maker to fail as it is a timed cycle to fill the tray.