How much water is wasted each minute from a dishwasher?

Answer a dishwasher uses about a gallon every wash

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How much wrapping paper is wasted each year?

On One Hand: Waste is Common in the United StatesEach year people waste tons of wrapping paper, especially around the holiday season. The United States alone wastes 4 million tons worth of shopping... Read More »

How much water is wasted every day?

A leaking faucet is the largest water waster, and the United States Department of the Interior statistics state that if one million homes each have five leaky faucets, with 120 water drips per minu... Read More »

How much energy does a 100-watt light bulb use each minute?

A 100-watt light bulb uses 100 watts of energy per hour. Translated to minutes, this means a 100-watt bulb uses 1.7 watts per minute. This can also be stated as 102 Joules, 0.02833 watt hours, 0.00... Read More »

How many gallons of water does the dishwasher use each time?