Is brackish water more saline than ocean water?

Answer Brackish water occurs when saltwater meets freshwater, such as estuaries where the sea reaches into a river. Therefore, brackish water has more salt content than freshwater but less than saltwater ... Read More »

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What causes salt water and fresh water to mix in the ocean?

Diffusion causes the two to mix to achieve equilibrium of salt concentration.

What is the pH of ocean water?

The pH of the water in most areas of the world's oceans varies from approximately 7.9 to 8.2, and can reach 7.3 in deep estuaries, 8.6 in coastal plankton blooms and up to 9.5 in tide pools.Source:... Read More »

Can you drink ocean water?

No, you cannot drink ocean water. Ocean water is saltwater, and instead of quenching your thirst, it will make your thirstier. Saltwater is also not good for your body. If you drink it in excess, i... Read More »

Is there a water table under the ocean?

A water table in geology is defined as the level below the surface of land where the soil is completely saturated with water. The definition of a water table includes the fact that the atmospheric ... Read More »