How much water is in popcorn kernels?

Answer The amount of water in a kernel of popcorn can vary greatly depending on when it is harvested, the plant variety and the conditions in which it has been stored. To ensure that kernels pop effective... Read More »

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Why do popcorn kernels pop?

Popcorn is a snack beloved by many. Although the origins of this snack are unclear, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration says popcorn probably originated in Mexico. The process by whic... Read More »

How many popcorn kernels are in one cup?

According to, one cup contains 1,600 popcorn kernels. It may sound like a lot, but people in the United States gobble up almost 14 gallons of popcorn each year on average---popped, of c... Read More »

Where do popcorn kernels come from?

Popcorn grows just like ordinary corn on the cob. You can find several varieties of popcorn, and each has traits that make them better suited to growing in different areas. Popcorn is harvested onc... Read More »

What are popped popcorn kernels called?

Popped popcorn kernels are known as flakes. These flakes are divided into two categories: mushroom and butterfly. Mushroom flakes are round, while butterfly flakes have an irregular shape that bett... Read More »