How much water is a person supposed to drink in a day?

Answer 3- 8 oz glasses

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How many cups of water are you supposed to drink and do you actually drink that much?

8 glasses of water. Each glass should be 8 ounces. So 64 ounces of water a day... and yes I get my daily amount. Remember water is in soda, juice drinks, and Gatorade type drinks. So those DO c... Read More »

How much water does a person need to drink a day?

There is no set amount...drink when you are thirsty.This 8 glasses a day rubbish was set up by the bottled water companies.

How much water should a person drink per day?

64 ounces, but, the more the better. Water not only hydrates you, the more you drink, the more toxins it pushes out of your system. So drink up!!!

How much water is a person soppesed to drink a day?