How much water does the earth contain?

Answer The earth contains 332,500,000 cubic miles of water, which equals 1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers. Of the earth's water, about 97 percent is contained in the oceans, while the remaining 3 percent re... Read More »

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Is there life on earth that does not contain water?

There are no lifeforms now known that do not contain water. Water is essential to all known living organisms; its presence on Earth is one of the many factors that make this planet a suitable envir... Read More »

How much water does an apple contain?

The average apple contains approximately 80 to 85 percent water and also contains vitamins A, vitamin C, pectin, potassium and fiber. Malus Sylvestris is a common European crab apple that contains ... Read More »

How much water does the human body contain?

The human body is primarily made up of 60 to 75 percent water, while blood contains about 90 percent water. If the body does not get enough water in its system, dehydration is often the result.Sour... Read More »

How much water does a popcorn kernel contain?

Popcorn is a grain that contains water. Each kernel contains about 13 1/2 to 14 percent water. The exact amount varies by kernel size. When popcorn is heated, the water inside the kernel turns to... Read More »