How much water does it take to take a shower?

Answer The United States Geological Survey states that 2 gallons of water are used per minute when taking a shower. For example, a 10 minute shower uses 20 gallons of How Much Water ... Read More »

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Does a shower take more water than a bathtub?

On One Hand: The Tub Holds a Fixed Amount of WaterAccording to the U.S. Forest Service, taking a bath uses about 36 gallons of water. The amount you use will be the same for every bath.On the Other... Read More »

How much water does it take to water a garden?

How big is the garden?Where is the garden located? Climate zone?How many plants and what types of plants are in the garden?

How much water does a water pillow take?

Water pillows take up to 8 quarts of water. They allow you to add and subtract water to achieve the desired firmness. Medium firmness is usually 3 to 4 quarts.Source:Typical water pillowWater pillo... Read More »

To take a shower or not. Should I take a shower at least once a day?