How much water does it take to dilute your urine for a false negative on a pregnancy test?

Answer Drink water until your urine is completly clear. I suggest testing this a few times. When it says negative, you have consumed enough. Not gong to ask why you needed to know...

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Can you have a false negative blood pregnancy test?

Yes this is possible.I have a friend who had taken several test all neg,then she went in for a blood test that came back negative.Well when her period never showed she kept testing and finally she ... Read More »

You got a pregnancy test at planned parenthood and it came out negative could it be false?

Well, 2 days ago i had a test done there and it came back negative, I waited a couple of days,,,still no period a breif spotting but nothing serious. took another one that i bought from walmart and... Read More »

Is it possible for a urine pregnancy test to come out negative but the person to be pregnant?

AnswerWhen the factor of human error comes into play, yes it is very possible for a urine test to yield a patient an incorrect result.

Can continuous birth control give a false negative pregnancy test?

On One Hand: Home Pregnancy Tests are not Always RightBecause pregnancy tests work by measuring the levels of the hormone hCG in urine, medications containing that hormone can create false positive... Read More »