How much water does drip irrigation save?

Answer Drip irrigation can typically save about 50% more water, compared to sprinklers. Sprinklers are an inefficient method of delivering water, as they can result in evaporation or puddling. Drip irriga... Read More »

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Drip Irrigation. Does it really save water / money?

MASTER GARDENER to the RESCUE!Oy! Can DRIP save you money you ask? 75% of all fresh fruit & veggies in Israel is grown via drip. (I don't want to hear any ethnic "cheap" jokes) But since you bro... Read More »

Does irrigation at night save water?

Irrigation at night saves water because the water does not evaporate as quickly. However, if water sits on your plants overnight without evaporation, diseases can breed more easily. Mark Brown of t... Read More »

Who invented drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a system for watering crops which prevents waste of water and delivers precise amounts of water to the plants. The modern system was invented in Israel in 1965 by a company which... Read More »

DIY Home Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation conserves water while delivering more water to each of your plants. Since these watering systems sit very close to your plants' roots, the plants absorb almost all of the water they... Read More »