How much water does cedar mulch need?

Answer On One Hand: Soil Underneath Mulch Needs WaterIt is not the cedar mulch that requires watering but the ground the mulch is covering. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden recommends that "after a tree ... Read More »

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Does hemlock mulch last longer than cedar mulch?

Hemlock mulch does last longer than cedar mulch. Cedar mulch prevents bugs a bit more, however, because they do not enjoy the smell. Mulch also helps prevent a large amount of weeds.References:Fran... Read More »

Does cedar mulch float?

Cedar mulch is wood chips, which float in water. This type of mulch is not good for sites that flood with standing water or have heavy surface runoff. Cedar mulch also blows around in strong winds.... Read More »

Does red cedar mulch repel termites?

Red cedar mulch, like other cedar mulches, does not have the ability to repel termites. Tests conducted by the city of Guelph in Ontario, Canada concluded in 2008 that any mulch containing wood chi... Read More »

Does cedar mulch attract termites?

Cedar mulch is considered among the most termite-resistant mulches. Termites will initially avoid cedar mulch but will feed on it once the resins have leached into the soil, according to the Univer... Read More »