How much water does basil need?

Answer Basil needs to be well watered, but does not like to be soggy or constantly wet. It also likes a bright sunny area, with a bit of shade from the hot mid-day sun and protection from the wind. I had... Read More »

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How much sun does a basil plant need?

Basil plants need at least six to eight hours of full sun or bright light each day. Keep potted basil plants on a sunny windowsill or in a bright green house, or plant outside in full sun.Source:Un... Read More »

Exactly how much water should you use to water basil?

which basil? where in the world are you? is it potted or outside? ect...

Does tap water or rain water grow sweet basil better?

How much water does a gerbera need?

Well for a gerbera it needs about half a cup of water with two teaspoons of sugar. Then the gerbera should live for a two weeks or more