How much water does a venus fly trap need?

Answer Because they are native to boggy areas, venus fly trap plants (Dionaea muscipula) need consistently moist soil. The amount of water this takes depends on the growing medium, the size of the bed or ... Read More »

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What does a Venus Fly Trap absolutely need?

There are really only 4 things Venus Fly Traps require to stay healthy:1) Sunlight - at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day2) Water - rain, distilled or reverse osmosis water only3) Soil - Nutri... Read More »

What kind of soil does a venus fly trap need to grow?

Venus flytraps grow well in a mixture of equal parts peat moss and sand. That mixture is safe for the roots. Venus flytraps basically need wet roots, high humidity, full sunlight and poor, acidic s... Read More »

What does a Venus fly trap eat?

The Venus fly trap is a rare carnivorous plant in that it eats small insects that travel near it, trapping them between its leaves and digesting them with secretions. The plant is still capable of ... Read More »

How long does a Venus fly trap stay closed?

Venus fly traps stay closed from five to 12 days. The length of time depends upon several factors, including the trap's age and how many times it has previously closed, the size of the captured pre... Read More »