How much water does a rosemary need a day?

Answer Chose herbs that thrive in the heat, use lots of mulch, in the south east watch for mildew, in the south west use soaker hoses.

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Does rosemary need full sun?

The short answer is yes. For more info check out the related link below.

How much water does a pea plant need?

Pea plants only require 1 to 2 inches of water per week. Allow some necessary, partial root drying between waterings. As the plants begin to bloom and pods start budding, increase watering habits ... Read More »

How much water does a gerbera need?

Well for a gerbera it needs about half a cup of water with two teaspoons of sugar. Then the gerbera should live for a two weeks or more

How much water and sun does a begonia need?

It depends on the type of Begonia - I have a few types - wax begonia's and tuberous begonia's - wax begonia's will thrive in sunlight very well if they are 'weaned' to it - my dark leaf variety ju... Read More »