How much water does a juniper tree need?

Answer At least 100 gallons each week. They are thirsty fast growing trees. They do not like to be dry at all.

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Is a juniper a cedar tree?

A juniper is not a cedar, although it is commonly mistaken for one because of its cedar-like aroma and foliage. The Latin scientific, or genus, name for Juniper is Juniperus communis. To be a true ... Read More »

How to Plant a Juniper Tree?

Member of the cypress family, juniper species vary in size and shape. Juniper trees are evergreens that produce silvery-green leaves that are scale, awl or needle-shaped. Junipers produce cone frui... Read More »

Bagworms on a Juniper Tree?

Bagworms, or Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, are larval moths. Bagworms prefer to attack juniper, pine and cedar, but they also infect deciduous trees. Heavy bagworm infestations cause severe plant ... Read More »

Fungus on My Juniper Tree?

Juniper trees with visible fungal growth are probably suffering from a condition called cedar-apple rust, which affects both cedar trees and apple trees and spends much of its life cycle growing on... Read More »