How much water does a hose nozzle save?

Answer A garden hose trigger nozzle can save from three to 10 gallons of water per minute and up to 100 gallons of water each time a car is washed. A hose trigger nozzle compresses the water to a faster, ... Read More »

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How much water does drip irrigation save?

Drip irrigation can typically save about 50% more water, compared to sprinklers. Sprinklers are an inefficient method of delivering water, as they can result in evaporation or puddling. Drip irriga... Read More »

How much water is flowing through my water hose?

The amount of water that flows through a hose varies based on the diameter of the hose and the amount of water pressure from the source. For example, a 50-foot by 1/2-inch diameter hose connected t... Read More »

How much water can fit in a garden hose?

Use the equation for the volume of a cylinder (v=Ï€r2h) from The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference. Multiply 3.142 times the radius squared times the length of the hose. A 100 foot hos... Read More »

How much water is needed to charge a fire hose?

According to Chapter 3.2 of Fire fighter math, the volume of a fire hose is determined by first using the formula for the volume of a cylinder: V=pi(3.14)x radius (half of hose diameter)^2 x hose l... Read More »