How much water does a Chinese dwarf hamster drink per week?

Answer Average water consumption for a Chinese dwarf hamster is 11ml to 13ml per day, or about 77ml to 91ml per week. This is equivalent to approximately 2.6 to 3.1 oz. of water consumption per week. The ... Read More »

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Can you mate a Chinese dwarf with a Robo dwarf hamster?

Chinese dwarf hamsters cannot mate with Roborovski, or Robo, dwarf hamsters for two reasons. First, they are two different species. Secondly, Chinese hamsters will attack and sometimes kill any oth... Read More »

How to Tame a Chinese Dwarf Hamster?

Dwarf HammieDwarf hamsters in general can be extremely hard to tame! The only thing you need to know is to have tons of patience and calmness, and you will have success!!Chinese dwarf hamsters are ... Read More »

If i only drink water for a week, no food!?

You will get very ill, probably faint and end up with an expensive hospital visit.Your body needs calories.

What is a dwarf hamster?

Dwarf hamsters are popular pet rodents that are smaller than the first species of hamster to become a pet, the Syrian or golden hamster. Although they share the same diet, dwarf hamsters have diffe... Read More »