How much water does Bermuda grass require?

Answer Bermuda grass, the type used in golf courses and some lawns, will require approximately 1-1/2 inches of water every week during the summer season. That adds up to roughly 40 inches of water in a ye... Read More »

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How to Water Bermuda Grass in the Winter?

Bermuda grass is a warm-season perennial that flourishes in high temperatures and bright sunlight but becomes dormant in the winter. It is a grass found principally in the southern United States. W... Read More »

How often should you water Bermuda grass?

For the first few weeks after planting Bermuda grass, water it several times a day to keep the ground damp. After the grass has begun to grow, give it 1 to 2 inches of water per week.Source:Bermuda... Read More »

Does bermuda grass spread?

Bermudagrass spreads very easily. It has two types of shoots--stolons above the ground and rhizomes below the ground--that can produce a new plant when left in damp soil. Common bermudagrass can al... Read More »

Does Bermuda grass need to be aerated?

While aerating the soil is not absolutely essential for growing Bermuda grass, it does provide a serious benefit for your yard. Aerating allows oxygen and other nutrients to get down to the root le... Read More »