How much water do you need while pregnant?

Answer You always need to drink lots of water, about 8 or more glasses of water a day.

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Can you douche with warm water while pregnant?

Talk to your dr before douching while you are pregnant.

How much coffee can you drink while pregnant?

Answer One cup (up to 12 ounces) is generally pretty safe. If you can avoid it all together, that's even better.

How much weight can you lift while pregnant?

Answer i think its best if you discussed this with your Dr. hard to answer because not much info offered,such as how many months you are, your health ect.

How much Tylenol Pm can you take while pregnant?

im not understanding why a pregnant woman would even be taking a narcotic pain killer while pregnant?! speak to your doctor ASAP because there could be a possibily that it is affecting the unborn b... Read More »