How much water do we waste in a year?

Answer According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 36 states might have water shortages by 2013. One individual can waste as much as 30 gallons of water per day. That adds up to 10,950 gallons over ... Read More »

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How do you solve the problem of Dishwasher waste and washing machine waste and one waste pipe?

How much water do you waste if you brush your teeth with the water on?

By leaving the water on when brushing your teeth, you waste up to three gallons of water each time you brush. If you brush your teeth twice daily, you can save up to 6 gallons of water per day--or ... Read More »

How to Prevent Water Waste?

Conserving water helps in protecting a natural resource that is needed to sustain life. Water conservation is an important step in protecting the environment as well as lowering your utility bills.... Read More »

Toxic Waste Dumping in Water?

Toxic waste dumping in water is something most people associate with days gone by--the pre-Clean Water Act, Superfund cleanup sites and Love Canal-type abuses. Unfortunately, almost 40 years later ... Read More »