How much water do sunflower plants need?

Answer According to the National Sunflower Association, a sunflower requires about 34 inches of water during the growing season. However, depending on the irrigation methods used, commercial sunflowers us... Read More »

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How do I look after sunflower plants?

Position In A Sunny SpotTransplant your sunflower seedling or young plant to a growing location that has direct sun for at least six to eight hours a day. Dig compost or manure into the soil to dep... Read More »

How do I collect sunflower seeds from plants?

Cut sunflowers down when the seeds begin to turn brown and the petals on the flower are wilting. This means the flowers are spent, and it's time to harvest the seeds. Cut the stalks about 1 foot be... Read More »

Can shells from sunflower seeds kill plants?

Sunflower shells can indeed kill plants. The toxins in the shell can kill living plants by a process called allelopathy. This can be a problem for birdhouse owners that use feed containing sunflo... Read More »

What is the average of water given to sunflower seeds?

Just enough to keep them moist . Too much and they will rot.