How much water do sunflower plants need?

Answer According to the National Sunflower Association, a sunflower requires about 34 inches of water during the growing season. However, depending on the irrigation methods used, commercial sunflowers us... Read More »

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How much water do ice plants need?

The ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) is native to South Africa and is a hardy, drought-resistant plant good for ground cover on well-drained soil. Ice plants are low-maintenance, and grow best in ful... Read More »

How much water do plants need?

On One Hand: They're AdaptableMost plants will cope fairly well if you water them when the dirt near the roots begins to dry out. Sticking your finger an inch or two into the soil will allow you to... Read More »

How much water do tomato plants need?

I built my own garden. I live in a towwnhouse and have a very limited amount of direct sun light. Space is also a concern, with neighbors on both sides. I chose the side with the most sunlight, aft... Read More »

How much water do house plants need?

The amount of water each house plant needs is individual to that plant. Differences in soil and house placement determine the dryness of each plant, so a good policy is to check soil every couple o... Read More »