How much water do pansies need?

Answer Pansies need at least an inch of water every week. Pansies grown in containers need extra water, because the soil dries out quickly. Whether your pansies are planted in pots or in the ground, keep ... Read More »

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Do pansies need sun?

Pansies need partial to full sun to grow. They should be planted in a sunny location spaced apart 6 to 10 inches. Adding a granular time-release fertilizer to the soil when you initially plant them... Read More »

Are Pansies Safe to Eat?

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When do pansies flower?

Pansies thrive--and flower--in cool, damp weather. In the Northeast and Midwestern United States, that means early to mid-spring and again in middle to late fall. in other parts of the country that... Read More »

When can you cut back pansies?

Pansies can be cut back at any time. The best time to prune them back is when new growth needs to be stimulated. This is usually after the pansy has flowered and grown lanky. Cut the pansies back b... Read More »