How much water do house plants need?

Answer The amount of water each house plant needs is individual to that plant. Differences in soil and house placement determine the dryness of each plant, so a good policy is to check soil every couple o... Read More »

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How do I water house plants with softened water?

Flush Old SaltsHold the house plant over your sink and pour a large amount of room temperature, softened water. This will flush the old salts out and will reduce the amount of sodium to the soil.Le... Read More »

Can you use water from a dehumidifier to water house plants?

Answer It wont hurt the plants. but the water may be lacking some of its natural minerals.

House Plants That Grow in Water?

Take the guesswork out of watering your houseplants by growing them in water instead of soil. Hydroponics --the science of growing plants in water rather than soil --can be done with a variety of h... Read More »

Can house plants grow with sea water?

No. The salt in the water causes cellular damage which kills them.