How much water do grass seeds need?

Answer Grass seeds should be watered every two to three days, in applications of between 1/4 and 3/4 inches of water at a time. These numbers may vary depending on the type of grass you use and the climat... Read More »

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How much top soil is needed to plant grass seeds?

If mixing the grass seed with the top soil before planting, you will want to add one handful of grass seed to one bag of top soil. Most gardeners recommend mixing the seed with the top soil first t... Read More »

Why do seeds need water to germinate?

Does salt water in the pool kill your grass if you back wash and will the grass die around the pool by splashing water?

Answer Salt is actually good for your grass, but if you constantly backwash in the same place you could flood your grass overwatering it. And no, of course splashing saltwater will not kill your gr... Read More »

How often and how much do you water sod (squares of grass)?

Iam assuming that you are talking about a newly laid sod lawn? If so, you are at a much higher risk of having drought stress at this time of the year (weather warming up). You will need to water da... Read More »