How much water do flowers need?

Answer On One Hand: Daily WateringsPlants, especially newly planted ones, need to be watered every other day to maintain adequate moisture levels. Keeping moisture levels high will help your plant's folia... Read More »

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Should you water plants flowers herbs etc with mineral water does the type of mineral water matter and what effect do alkaline levels have?

You want to try and avoid watering plants with mineral water. The alkaline levels will kill some plants and can cause other plants to change colors in there flowers, fruit size, and fruit development.

When backwashing a salt water pool will the water kill plants and flowers?

Answer Ok, the answer is yes, depending on what plants you are talking about, if you are talking about epsom salts that is a good thing for some plants. Also magnesium, and try to direct your pool ... Read More »

How to Water Flowers With Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water contains nutrients that are beneficial to plant growth, such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and potassium, among others. A study at the University of California showed that sparkling w... Read More »

Why should flowers be put into water right after they are cut?

Cut flowers are a beautiful way to bring spring into your home. They can be purchased from a local florist or grocery store, or cut from your own garden. Caring for cut flowers appropriately can ke... Read More »