How much water do carnations need?

Answer Carnations don't like very much water. Most master gardeners recommend spraying carnations with water instead of watering the soil, except in very hot weather. In hot weather, water sparingly, jus... Read More »

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How Do Carnations Absorb Colored Water?

Dyeing a white carnation by putting its cut stem in colored water--one of the most popular school science projects--relies on transpiration and capillary action to pull the colored water up through... Read More »

How to Make Carnations Last Longer in Water?

The brilliant and multicolored carnation flowers last longer when given certain prepping techniques before they're placed in a vase of water. While they're hearty flowers, carnations require certai... Read More »

How long do cut carnations live in water?

Carnations have a freshness span of two weeks when cut and placed in water. To ensure their long life, pick off the leaves that will be under water, cut 1 inch off the stem with a sharp knife and f... Read More »

How long do cut carnations live in distilled water?

Carnations can live as long as two to three weeks when cut. As with most flowers, bacteria and changing the flower's water will affect the length of a carnation's life.Source:AA Florist: Carnations... Read More »