How much water do cactuses hold?

Answer How much water cactuses hold depends upon thesize of the cactus. The total amount can figure quite high. About 90% of the cactus body is devoted to holding and storing water.

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How much water can the hoover dam hold?

Completed in 1936, the Hoover Dam is built to hold 1.24 trillion cubic feet of water, according to PBS. The base of the dam is 660 feet wide, and it is 726 feet tall. Hoover Dam is located in Arizo... Read More »

How much money can a 5-gallon water jug hold?

A 5-gallon water jug filled with coins could be worth thousands of dollars, depending on the mix of coins. The volume of the container is 18,927 cubic cm, so it could contain between $428.21 and $5... Read More »

How much water does a dishwasher hold?

How much weight can the surface of water hold?

The surface tension of water is usually measured in dynes/cm, which is the amount of force necessary to break a film 1 cm in length. At 20 degrees celsius, the surface tension of water is 72.8 dyne... Read More »