How much water do I put in pressure canner?

Answer When processing vegetables, meats, or other foods that require a pressure canner, two to three inches of hot water should be added to the bottom of the canner. This step is done before adding the c... Read More »

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Is a pressure cooker the same as a pressure canner?

Pressure cookers are smaller than pressure canners and are used to quickly cook foods to be served immediately. They are not intended to be used in the canning process as they may fail to maintain ... Read More »

What is a pressure canner?

A pressure canner is a large kettle with a fitted lid and pressure gauge. It processes jarred foods for preservation. The use of pressure removes air and raises the internal temperature to 240 degr... Read More »

How can I can tomatoes without a pressure canner?

The ideal way to can tomatoes is with a pressure canner, but it is possible to do so effectively and safely without such a fancy piece of equipment. By observing some simple cautions, you and your ... Read More »

Can I use a pressure canner on a smoothtop Frigidaire cook range?

A pressure cooker can be used on top of a smoothtop frigidaire cook range as long as it has a smooth bottom. The pot must also be 1 inch wider than the heating element.References:Pick Your Own: Ca... Read More »