How Much Hair Does a Human Grow on Average in a Lifetime?

Answer The average human body has 1.4 million hairs on it at any given time. Given an average lifespan of nearly 80 years and an average hair growth cycle of three years, a person can grow 40 million hair... Read More »

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How many glasses of milk will a cow produce in its lifetime?

Dairy cows are milked 10 months a year and can produce 80 glasses of milk a day. This means that one cow produces 24,400 glasses of milk a year. Most dairy cows are milked for five years, producing... Read More »

How many gallons of saliva do you produce in a lifetime?

How many lemons does a lemon tree produce in its lifetime?

A lemon tree can potentially produce over 90,000 lemons in its lifetime. The exact number depends on the conditions that affect the tree's yield, and the length of the tree's life. Healthy trees ca... Read More »

What is the average lifetime of the average woman with a lung disease?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the average man or woman who has been diagnosed in the early stages of lung cancer, has a 49 percent survival rate to live 5 years after diagnosis. A man or woman who ... Read More »