How much was your light bill this month ?

Answer About 65.00 but we have a very small house and we heat with gas

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Calculate the cost of a cellular phone bill if the cost of the phone for one month is 10.00 the service is 19.95 per month and the calls are 0.15 per minute for 25 minutes?

Cant pay my phone bill this month?

One month is nothing. You will be billed a late payment though on top of this months bill and next months bill

How much is your electric bill every month, please answer?

We have a three bedroom home very well insulated and new windows. Our winter electric bill is roughly $120.00 and then our summer electric bill is about $320.00 (as of last summer). We have gas app... Read More »

Why does the landlord wants a copy of my gas bill every month?

The reason your landlord wants to see your gas bill is because a new law allows PGW to place a lien on the property if a tenant does not pay the gas bill. The law allows the lien even if the gas b... Read More »