How much was your light bill this month ?

Answer About 65.00 but we have a very small house and we heat with gas

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You had your period two times last month and you are bleeding light right now can you still be pregnant and not no it cause you think its your period this month?

AnswerYou are probably not pregnant, but you should take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

Your sixteen years old and had sex a month ago then a late light period afterwards. you got a pregnancy test that came up negative.Your period is already six days late this month are you pregnant?

Answer not necessarily. So women get late periods even if they aren't pregnent. it's best to retry the pregnancy test several times. and if you still aren't sure. see a doctor.

How much is your electric bill every month, please answer?

We have a three bedroom home very well insulated and new windows. Our winter electric bill is roughly $120.00 and then our summer electric bill is about $320.00 (as of last summer). We have gas app... Read More »

If you had your period last month for two weeks and for a few hours this month is this normal?

Answer Oh, yeseveryone is different. Soem women ovulate twice or even three times a month sometimes. It might also be because your cycle has decided to change. It is supposed to cahnge 3 to 5 time... Read More »