How much was gas when the first car was built?

Answer Gas powered cars were invented in 1885. Gas wasn't sold to the public until 1919 when gas prices were $0.25 per gallon.Source:Vehicle Technology ProgramsA History of the Automobile

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When was the first IBM PC built?

The first IBM PC, also known as the 5150, was released in August of 1981. The development of the 5150 personal computer began one year prior in IBM's Boca Raton, Florida, location.References:IBM A... Read More »

When was the first American pub built?

When was the first V8 engine built?

In 1902, French inventor Leon Levavasseur patented the first V8 engine. It was used to power airplanes and racing boats. Henry Ford unveiled the first mass-produced V8 engine for cars, dubbed the F... Read More »

When was the first kayak built?

According to ChicagoKayak, the first kayaks were used to hunt animals on water. The word "kayak" actually means hunter's boat. Archaeologists have found evidence suggesting that the first kayaks we... Read More »