How much was a gallon of milk in 1955?

Answer According to the Fifties Web, a gallon of milk cost 92 cents in 1955. Compare this to bread for 18 cents, first-class postage for 3 cents, gas for 23 cents, a Ford car for $1,606 to $2,944 and a ho... Read More »

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How much was a gallon of milk in the 1960s?

The price of a gallon of milk in the 1960s ranged from 49 cents in 1960 to $1.10 in 1969. There was a price increase, over the course of the decade, of 61 cents.References:1960s Flashback on the Ec... Read More »

How many drops of milk are in a gallon?

A drop, in cooking terms, is equal to about 1/576 fluid ounce or about 0.051 milliliter, while a drop in medicine is equal to 0.05 mL. Since 1 gallon contains 128 oz., or about 3,785 mL, 1 gallon o... Read More »

How many ounces are in a gallon of milk?

In following with the U.S. customary system, 16 oz. are in a pint. There are 2 pints in a quart, and 4 quarts make a gallon; therefore, there are 128 oz. in a gallon of milk.Source:Interactive Lear... Read More »

How much was a gallon of milk in 1916?

In 1916, the average nationwide retail price for milk was 29.3 cents per gallon. The nationwide average wholesale price was 21.24 cents, which was the price when milk was purchased directly from th... Read More »