How much wall does paint cover?

Answer On One Hand: General RuleMost paints claim that one gallon will cover up to 400 square feet. However, if the walls are naked---the drywall has never been painted---expect to use a bit more paint be... Read More »

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If it took 2/5 gallon of paint to cover 282 sqft of wall in tom's garage, how much more paint will he need?

2/5 gallon of paint = .4 a gallon of paint. 282 sqft divided by .4 = 70.5 x 10 = 705 423sqft / 705 = .6 or 3/5 gallon of paint

How much wall does a gallon of paint cover?

A gallon of paint covers an estimated 350 to 400 square feet of wall. To determine your square feet, multiply the wall length times its Estimating How Much Paint to BuyBob... Read More »

How do I get dark blue paint to cover a wall evenly?

If you didn't prime, you should have, with primer tinted to close to the dark blue. If you used cheap paint, that could explain some of this lack of coverage. A roller with more nap could help; if ... Read More »

What is the best paint to buy to cover dark paint I want to change a wall from dark red to cream.?

Buy a top-quality brand name paint from a paint store, not a department store - Duron, Sherwin-Williams, that sort of thing. Stay away from bargain paints or low-end paints; buy the best they have... Read More »