How much wall does a gallon of paint cover?

Answer A gallon of paint covers an estimated 350 to 400 square feet of wall. To determine your square feet, multiply the wall length times its Estimating How Much Paint to BuyBob... Read More »

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If it took 2/5 gallon of paint to cover 282 sqft of wall in tom's garage, how much more paint will he need?

2/5 gallon of paint = .4 a gallon of paint. 282 sqft divided by .4 = 70.5 x 10 = 705 423sqft / 705 = .6 or 3/5 gallon of paint

How much does a gallon of exterior paint cover?

A gallon of exterior paint will generally cover 400 square feet. However, just because it covers 400 square feet does not mean that it will not need a second or even third coat. Certain surfaces, s... Read More »

How many square feet will a gallon of latex paint cover?

You can expect most paints, including latex paints, to cover around 400 square feet of surface per gallon. Latex paints has several advantages over other varieties of paint, including its resistanc... Read More »

How much surface does a gallon of Benjamin Moore paint cover?

Benjamin Moore paint will cover between 350 to 400 square feet per gallon. Remember that you should put on two finish coats as well as a primer over new surfaces or when making dramatic color chang... Read More »