How much volume is a pound of coffee beans?

Answer The volume of one pound of fresh coffee beans is 0.1836 dry U.S. gallons, or 3.4183 cups. The volume of one pound of roasted coffee beans is 0.2383 dry U.S. gallons, or 4.4375 cups.Source:Online We... Read More »

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How much cooked beans does one pound of dried kidney beans make?

Cooking 1 lb. of dry kidney beans delivers approximately 5 to 6 cups of beans. The most efficient method of cooking kidney beans is to soak them overnight in a bowl of water and cook the next day f... Read More »

How much caffeine is in coffee beans?

The production of a coffee bean and the way in which it is brewed affect its caffeine content. In 8 oz. of generic brewed coffee, there is anywhere between 90 and 200mg of caffeine.Source:Energy Fi... Read More »

How much caffeine is in chocolate covered coffee beans?

The amount of caffeine in a chocolate covered coffee bean varies but most contain about 10 to 20 mg per bean of caffeine. For example, Shock-A-Lots have about 20 mg of caffeine per bean.Source:Ene... Read More »

When you buy coffee beans, or pre-packaged ground coffee, how do you know if it's Arabica or Robusta?

Here's some hints to helping you find Arabica beans:If it doesn't say 100% Arabica, it probably isn't.If it costs less than $10, it's probably robusta.If it comes in a can, it probably is robusta.I... Read More »