How much virtual memory should a computer need?

Answer On One Hand: One and One-Half Times Your Available RAMAccording to Microsoft, you should set your virtual memory to 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM installed in your computer. This ensures tha... Read More »

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How much virtual memory should you set?

On One Hand: Conventional WisdomThe amount of virtual memory, or swap space, you allocate for your computer depends on your system. The general rule is to set aside twice as much space for virtual ... Read More »

How much computer memory do I need?

A basic computer user needs between 64MB and 128MB of memory for emailing, word processing and surfing the web. For multiple applications, games, videos or graphics, 256MB to 1GB of memory is recom... Read More »

How much memory do I need on my computer?

The recommended amount of memory for a Windows XP computer is 1 GB and the recommended amount for a Windows Vista system is at least 2 GB. Windows Vista functions better with more memory.Source:Tec... Read More »

How Much Memory Do I Need for a Home Computer?

The rule of thumb for determining how much memory you need for a home computer is: "Get all you can get." Regardless of the type of activities you do on your home computer right now, the maximum am... Read More »