How much virtual memory does a GB of RAM equal?

Answer Virtual memory includes the paging file and physical memory in RAM. The default paging-file size for Windows is one and a half times the total amount of RAM in the system. Thus, one gigabyte of RAM... Read More »

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How much virtual memory should you set?

On One Hand: Conventional WisdomThe amount of virtual memory, or swap space, you allocate for your computer depends on your system. The general rule is to set aside twice as much space for virtual ... Read More »

How much virtual memory is set at Vista installation?

Virtual Memory or "swap space" on the hard drive is typically around 1.5 times the installed RAM. So with 1GB RAM installed, virtual memory runs at 1.5GB. Windows Vista is extremely resource-hungry... Read More »

How much virtual memory should a computer need?

On One Hand: One and One-Half Times Your Available RAMAccording to Microsoft, you should set your virtual memory to 1.5 times the amount of physical RAM installed in your computer. This ensures tha... Read More »

Does Windows 98 use virtual memory?

According to Microsoft Corporation, Windows 98 does use virtual memory, though it is possible for the user to turn it on and off in the system settings if he so Not en... Read More »