How much virtual memory does a GB of RAM equal?

Answer Virtual memory includes the paging file and physical memory in RAM. The default paging-file size for Windows is one and a half times the total amount of RAM in the system. Thus, one gigabyte of RAM... Read More »

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How many 512 MB equal one GB I'm wanting to upgrade memory in my PC:)?

2 512 modules will give you 1GB of RAMthe PC3200 DDR 400 SDRAM is the type of chip your motherboard supports so be sure to get the same numbers. The DDR is most critical, other modules won't fit ... Read More »

What does Low Virtual Memory mean and do I need to do something about it?

if you don't pay your Virtual Memory payments on time, a short fat guy named "Little Chris" will come to your home (or office) and bust your kneecaps with a fence post.

Is RAM virtual memory?

No, RAM is not virtual memory. RAM specifically refers to the memory chip set in your computer. Virtual memory uses your hard disk drive to protect and extend the capabilities of your computer's ph... Read More »

What is virtual memory in XP?

Virtual memory is not fake memory, as the name may imply. Virtual memory simulates RAM. RAM, or random access memory, is regarded as physical memory.BackgroundRAM is stored in memory chips installe... Read More »