How much video memory does my computer have?

Answer You can find out how much video memory your computer has by right-clicking on your desktop, clicking "Properties," "Settings," "Advanced" and navigating to the "Adapter" tab. The amount of memory w... Read More »

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How do i get video onto a computer from a kodak memory card?

Insert the Kodak memory card into the Kodak memory card reader or USB memory card reader. Click the "Start" button in the Windows taskbar. Click "My Computer," or "Computer" if you're using Windows... Read More »

How much computer memory is needed for a Flip video camera?

Flip video cameras' FlipShare software requires 512 MB of RAM for Windows XP, and 1 GB of RAM for Windows Vista. Mac requirements are 512 MB of RAM for the Flip Ultra or Mino, or 1 GB of RAM for th... Read More »

My phone memory card adaptor doesn't work in my computer, how else can i upload a video?

Use your phone to email it to yourself and download it from email

Can i still share ram memory to video memory even though i have a video card?

In the CMOS integrated peripherals settings page, find an entry named: "display init first". Select "AGP or PCI-Express" (depends on what your add-on video card is using). This will make your compu... Read More »