How much video can be stored on a iPhone 4?

Answer Every night, it should last all day unless you are continuously playing apps

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What would happen to video tapes if you stored them away for year or so?

A year or so...nothing will really happen but just get dusty.After a year and going on a few years...they will deteriorate.Just keep them away from warm and moist enviroments.Case them or put them ... Read More »

Where are iphone notes stored?

The iPhone does not allow access to its file system, so notes can only be accessed on the device itself through the Notes application. iPhone OS 3.0 allowed syncing of notes with on Mac OS... Read More »

How many applications can be stored on an iPhone?

As many as you have memory for when u plug in your iphone to your computer, open itunes and on the left under "devices" your iphone should be there. Click that and look at the bottom of itunes and ... Read More »

How many texts can be stored on the iphone 4?