How much value does a pool add to your home?

Answer An in-ground pool can add 6 percent to 11 percent to the resale value of your home, depending on where you live. Above-ground pools subtract from your home's value, to the tune of about 1.9 percent... Read More »

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Is there a swimming pool system that allows one to have a seawater pool at home?

Answer Yes, In Key West Florida, the Hemmingway house has one. It uses a pipeline to the sea that actually cleans it. Answer Sea water is pretty disgusting (correct) You can make your pool,hottub a... Read More »

Does a pool increase the value of your home?

On One Hand: Factor in the LuxurySwimming pools are a luxurious attraction to many home buyers. Home values can increase with the presence of a pool---particularly if the home is geographically loc... Read More »

How much does adding a pool and spa increase the value of a home?

Answer I am a Realtor, and in general a pool adds about $10,000 to a property here in Arizona. It may add a little less if the pool is old or needs a lot of work. If you are putting a pool in and s... Read More »

What is the ideal temperature for a home swimming pool?

Answer First, I will say that the temperature will vary depending on the person(s) using the pool. Some people are more confortable in cooler or warmer water than others and it certainly depends on... Read More »