How much value can one add by finishing a basement?

Answer According to Remodeling magazine's Annual Cost vs. Value Report for 2008-2009, the national average cost of remodeling a basement is about $66,000 with the average resale value for the project bei... Read More »

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How much does finishing a basement typically add to the value of your home?

Finished basements add an average of $46,825 to the resale value of homes, according to the 2009-10 Cost vs. Value Report in "Remodeling Magazine." This is usually a cost-effective way to add usabl... Read More »

How much does diy basement finishing cost?

DIY basement finishing costs about 30 percent of an estimate you might receive from a contractor -- or about $6 to $10 per square foot, as of 2007. Along with saving labor costs by doing it yoursel... Read More »

How much does a finished basement add to house value?

Finishing a basement added a national average of about $45,000 to the resale value of the home in 2007. Building an addition or buying a larger home cost about $150 to $200 a square foot, while fin... Read More »

Basement Finishing Projects?

Basements are an often neglected part of the home, and may be used to add much-needed square footage for use by every member of the family. If the space is mostly finished, it should require little... Read More »