How much usage does a hybrid car have?

Answer The main difference between a regular car and a hybrid is the battery that supplies most of the car's power. Hybrids have warranties on their batteries that last from eight to 10 years, so you can ... Read More »

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Why are hybrid cars called hybrid?

Society continues to demand energy alternatives as resources deplete and pollution increases. Hybrid vehicles are one of the many green alternatives available on the market.DefinitionHybrid, by def... Read More »

Is cell phone usage during a storm as dangerous as corded phone usage?

No. it is much less dangerous it is not connected to a cord with electricity which is connected to an electricity pole which is high off the ground and lightning goes after something high off the g... Read More »

When is cpu usage 100%?

CPU use varies depending on the number of processes/applications currently running, as well as on how much of your systems resources each application/process requires. However, it is not healthy fo... Read More »

What does PF usage mean?

PF usage stands for page file usage. Page file usage is the amount of hard drive space dedicated to the the total memory of your system. The PF usage in Windows is important in having a working op... Read More »