How much fuel does an 84 x 24 x 18 gas tank hold?

Answer A gas tank that is 84 by 24 by 18 centimeters can hold 36.288 liters of fuel. To arrive at this answer, multiply 84, 24 and 18 to compute the number of cubic centimeters. Then divide this number b... Read More »

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How much fuel does a'97 chevy blazer hold?

The 1997 Chevrolet Blazer holds 68 liters (17.9636 US gallons) of gas in its fuel tank. The vehicle uses unleaded gasoline and has a multi-point injection fuel system. The Blazer averages between 1... Read More »

How much fuel does a 1995 SeaDoo Speedster hold?

The 1995 SeaDoo Speedster came with twin 85 horsepower engines and can hold up to 30 gallons of fuel. Only regular unleaded gasoline should be used in fueling this watercraft.References:1995 SeaDoo... Read More »

How much gas does a fuel tank hold on a 1999 Cheverolet Silverado 1500?

Both 1500 and 2500 variants of the 1999 Chevrolet Silverado have fuel tanks capable of holding 129 liters. This equates to 34.094296875 gallons. At a fuel efficieny rate of 8.47457627 kilometers pe... Read More »

How much does a new Cessna Citation X cost?

A new Cessna Citation X cost approximately $20 million dollars in 2008. It has room for two crew members and 12 passengers, and can reach speeds up to Mach 0.92. The cruising time between New York ... Read More »